Although my academic background is in Women and Gender Studies, I am an earnest armchair evolutionary anthropologist. The interaction between reproductive strategies (i.e. competition and cooperation for resources) and social behavior in primates (including humans) shapes the lens through which I view the world.

Although I am an ever-evolving socially responsible technologist, inherent to that evolution is that I am an aspiring “digital” economist. I strive to use the tenets and design of the open web as a model for building a distributed and regenerative economy in the 21st century.

Although I am often in pursuit of my own growth I am, in fact, an actual parent dedicated to the growth of two young people whose individual and collective imagination is a constant reminder to me to keep wondering about what’s possible.

Not long ago, I was an active visual artist who dabbled in video, installation, painting, and drawing. All of the sketches on this website were created by me sometime between the years 1997-2007.

Low-Fidelity Conversational Interface

Organization: Boulder Valley Women’s Health Center is a nonprofit reproductive and sexual health clinic.

Project: Develop a dual-language (English-Spanish) anonymous comprehensive sexual health information text messaging line for teens.

Year: 2007

Role: Youth Services Director + Project Lead Continue reading “Low-Fidelity Conversational Interface”

Cultivating Cross-Sector Dialogue

Organization: Cultivation Center is a small consulting shop that affects change by championing good business and social impact.

Project: Develop a multi-year, interactive luncheon series for social impact leaders across multiple business sectors.

Year(s): 2014-2016

Role: Communications & Connections Director + Project Lead Continue reading “Cultivating Cross-Sector Dialogue”