Domain of One’s Own User Experience

Organization: University of Colorado’s ASSETT (Arts & Sciences Support of Education Through Technology) Department

Project: Deploy the Domain of One’s Own (DoOO) Pilot project enabling student users to build and maintain their own web domain while exploring concepts of digital literacy, digital identity, open pedagogy + data sovereignty

Year(s): 2018-Ongoing

Role: Project Coordinator

Major Responsibilities: Develop DoOO project plan, Develop software implementation plan, Develop + deploy user surveys, Develop platform content + copy

Process: Research, Design + Deploy, Capacity Building

Research: Investigate specially designed DoOO templates (SPLOTS); Identify + recommend WordPress templates for student use; Investigate + compare Terms of Service (LinkedIn, Digication, Reclaim); Research accessibility + design for commonly used application including WordPress, Omeka, and Mediawiki

Design + Deploy: Author BuffsCreate Terms of Service; Author BuffsCreate Accessibility Guidelines; Develop + deploy student user recruitment strategy; Develop + deploy user survey (Qualtrics)

Capacity Building: Participate in faculty Special Interest Group; Recruit + onboard student users


  • University of Colorado’s DoOO platform launched February 2019
  • Faculty Special Interest Group facilitated in Spring 2019
  • Up to 20 student pilot users onboarded in Spring 2019
  • Fall 2019 launch to College of Arts & Sciences
  • In 2023, DoOO is widely adopted under the name BuffsCreate