Learning Management System Business Modeling

Organization: Colorado Nonprofit Association (CNA) is a statewide membership organization dedicated to making Colorado a better place for people to live.

Project: Build a case to support the development of a statewide nonprofit Learning Management System (LMS)

Year(s): 2016-2017

Role: Consultant + Project Lead (Cultivation Center)

Major Responsibilities: Lias with hiring organization, Identify + cultivate relationships with key informants (all phases), Author + edit all drafts + final reports, Develop + facilitate capacity building events

Process: Research, Design + Deploy, Capacity Building

Research: Execute + co-author a learning management system market analysis; Execute + author a stakeholder analysis; Execute + author a business plan

Design + Deploy: Design + facilitate business planning activities including the development of a business canvas and imagining the business model environment using the Strategyzer approach

Capacity Building: Coordinate + provide facilitation support for an LMS rapid prototyping event; Design + facilitate a storytelling workshop as pitch preparation for CNA leadership.

Outcomes: Forthcoming