Low-Fidelity Conversational Interface

Organization: Boulder Valley Women’s Health Center is a nonprofit reproductive and sexual health clinic.

Project: Develop a dual-language (English-Spanish) anonymous comprehensive sexual health information text messaging line for teens.

Year: 2007

Role: Youth Services Director + Project Lead

Major Responsibilities: Secure + manage grant funding, Assemble + manage project team, Develop + execute research methodologies, Assess + adopt technologies, Co-design + launch text message line, Analyze + report user data

Process: Research. Design + Deploy. Capacity Building.

Research: Design, facilitate + process user focus groups; Design, deploy + analyze user surveys; Document (+ respond) to continuous user feedback

Design + Deploy: Identify technologies in play, assess + adopt; Develop + implement content strategy; Document + respond to continuous user feedback

Capacity Building: Develop + deploy awareness building communications for internal (board, staff) stakeholders, Develop + deploy ability building tools for project team (playbooks), Assess diverse levels of access for external (users) stakeholders; Develop + deploy awareness + action communications for external (users) stakeholders

Outcomes: Forthcoming



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