As a change facilitator, I support individuals, teams and organizations during all kinds of change and specifically through the process of adopting new technologies*. I am particularly driven to investigate the pain points associated with big (and small) changes — experiences that cannot be worked around but must be grappled with as a community. My approach as a change facilitator is influenced and inspired by adrienne marie brown, Larry Dressler, Maya Bernstein and Marty Linksy

As an experience designer, I collaborate with individuals, teams, and organizations to co-design and implement experiences ranging from trainings and workshops to learning communities, community dialogues, and events such as speaker series and conferences.  I am motivated to design and deliver experiences that are purposeful, engaging, and inclusive. My approach as an experience designer is influenced and inspired by my team at ASSETT, the National Equity Project, Priya Parker, and Chris Ertel and Lisa Kay Solomon.

As an innovation advocate,  I connect with stakeholders across the community that has influence over, will be impacted by, and are designing and implementing an innovative idea, approach, or technology. I have learned that, in order for an innovation to be effectively adopted over the long-term, community advocacy is essential. My approach as an innovation advocate is influenced by Kentaro Toyama, Riane Eisler, Amartya Sen, Bonnie Nardi, and Vicki O’Day.

  • *My broad definition of technology spans far beyond hardware and software to encompass any new, recycled, or repurposed disruptive idea or way of doing.