Over my 25+ year career in the nonprofit and social impact sector, I became intrigued with how individuals, teams, and organizations navigate change. I now focus my contribution to this sector in strategic change facilitation specializing in effective adoption of new technologies and embodiment at work with an approach that is purposeful, engaging, and interdependent.

My broad definition of technology spans far beyond hardware and software to encompass any new, recycled, or repurposed disruptive idea or way of doing.

Learn more about this approach in a podcast I recorded with a student partner.


Long ago, I often took on side gigs as a visual artist and also made art purely for the pleasure of being creative. All of the artwork on this site was sketched, or painted, by me between the years 1997-2007. As a technologist and tech ethicist, I still prefer using pencil and paper to bring an idea to life.

Visual artists that inspire me include Jordan Casteel, Matthew Wong, Alice Neel, Cannupa Hanska Luger, Hayao Miyazaki, Mickalane Thomas, Lucian Freud, and many, many others.